Switching Medicare Plans

Yes you can switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to a Georgia Medicare supplement plan and have "guaranteed issue" rights. To bypass medical underwriting certain guidelines must be met as required by Medicare.

GA Medigap Guaranteed Issue Rights

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you may switch to original Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan while maintaining your GUARANTEED ISSUE RIGHTS provided you do during your trial period. These rights prohibit a Medigap company from denying coverage and require the carrier to issue a policy without regard to your existing medical conditions.

You cannot be denied a policy or charged a higher premium due to existing medical conditions.

Medigap Guaranteed Issue Situations

The following situations trigger a guaranteed issue time frame for changing from a Medicare Advantage to a Medicare supplement plans.

  • Your existing Advantage carrier withdraws from the market (must apply for new coverage within 123 days)
  • You move out of the service area for your Medicare Advantage plan (must apply for new coverage within 63 days)
  • You lose employer group coverage (including retiree or COBRA) that is secondary to Medicare (must apply within 63 days)
  • You applied for an Advantage plan when first eligible for Medicare Part A and opted to switch during your initial trial period (first 12 months)
  • You dropped a Medigap plan to enter an Advantage plan for the FIRST TIME and want to switch back within the first 12 months of your trial period
  • Your Medigap goes out of business or you lose coverage through no fault of your own
  • You leave an Advantage plan because the company misled you about your coverage

If you want to buy a Medicare supplement plan during your guaranteed issuee period, carriers cannot refuse coverage, or charge a higher premium based on your health. If you buy a supplement plan and you are not covered under the guaranteed issue rules, the carrier may deny coverage or charge you a higher than standard rate.

You may change to a Medicare supplement plan or buy new coverage at any age provided you are in good health. Otherwise you may need to apply during one of the guaranteed issue periods.

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