Finding the Best Obamacare Plans

Do you know the secret to finding the best Obamacare plans? Knowing where to look. Knowing how to evaluate your options. Locating your providers. Finding the best value.  Ask Bob Vineyard for obamacare plans


The Secret to Finding the Best Obamacare Plans

Nancy spent 2 weeks going online, carrier sites and agent portals in search of the best Obamacare plans that fit her needs and budget. After all this she had narrowed her search to two plans. One with Humana, the other with Cigna.

Her pick for Cigna was HealthFlex Gold with a $1900 deductible. The Humana plan she liked was the Gold with a $2500 deductible.

The premium for the Humana plan was $80 per month less but she could only find one of her doctors in the network.

I asked her to send me a list of her doctors and volunteered to search for her. Less than 10 minutes later I had found ALL of her doctors in the Humana network. Jane had a few more questions about the plan then she made her decision. Once she had all the answers to her questions, the choice was obvious.

She chose Humana.

I gave her an 800 number to call and a unique ID number for the plan she wanted. The phone call to Humana took 5 minutes. Her ACA compliant plan was approved on the spot.

No more headaches. She saved over $100 per month vs her guaranteed issue HIPAA plan and got a better plan. For Nancy, the secret to finding the best Obamacare plans was spending a few minutes on the phone with an experienced agent.


Knowing Where to Look

Have you ever lost your keys? Sometimes you can look for 20 minutes or longer, including checking and rechecking the same places. Then you find them, exactly where you left them. The secret to the search was knowing where to look.

Finding the best Obamacare plans is knowing where to look.

Georgia Insurance Shop makes it easy for you to shop and compare ACA health insurance plans from multiple carriers. Once you input your contact information, date of birth and zip code  in a secure site you are immediately directed to a page showing you the 10 lowest cost plans in your area.

From there you can compare plans side by side, locate network providers and apply direct.


Evaluate Your Options

If you look at a list of plans and carriers ranked from lowest premiums to highest you may think the one with the lowest rate was the one with the best Obamacare plans for you. After all, the government has made it simple by classifying ACA health insurance plans as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

On the surface you may think all Bronze plans are the same and a Silver plan is automatically better than a Bronze plan.

Silly goose. It doesn’t work that way.

ACA health insurance plans with copay’s are the most difficult to evaluate and discern. Unless you study the plans you won’t know that you have to satisfy a deductible before you can access the copay’s. Others limit the number of doctor visits to 2 or 3. After that you must satisfy your major medical deductible before there is cost sharing.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that finding the best Obamacare plans is not an easy task.


Locate Participating Providers

Once you arrive at your cost page we provide you with a button to locate participating providers (doctors, hospitals, etc) in your area. Just click a button and you are there, right?

That’s what Nancy thought but it turns out finding all the players is not as easy as you think.

ACA requirements mean carriers had to develop multiple networks for each state. Most of the Blue Cross plans are HMO’s, while plans from Assurant and Cigna are PPO’s. But Humana has POS networks and HMO networks. Depending on your zip code you may have a choice of networks. If you don’t know which network to use you will not find your doctor.

That’s why Nancy only found one of her doctors in the Humana plan of her choice while I found all of them. Without my help she might have made a bad choice and ended up paying more than was necessary for her coverage.


Find the Best Value

The best Obamacare plans are not necessarily right under your nose. You have to know where to look, how to interpret the plans, find participating doctors and hospitals and then you can make a decision.

While the Bronze plan may have a premium that fits your budget the Silver plan for a few dollars more may deliver more value.

Evaluating HSA plans seems like a no-brainer. There are no copay’s to decipher. The plans are very simple. Hit your deductible and then the carrier pays some or all of your claims for the balance of the year.

But some HSA plans pay 100% after the deductible while others pay 60%. The 100% plan may be a better value.

If you have a family some HSA plans require you to satisfy the family deductible before the plan pays while others will pay once any family member hit’s their deductible.

Which is better?

If you don’t understand how the plans work you may not make the right choice. A wrong decision can come back to haunt you later since you can’t make a change in plans until the next open enrollment period.

Nancy is a smart lady, but after two weeks of looking, printing out documents and comparing plans she still couldn’t decide how to find the best Obamacare plans. Fifteen minutes on the phone with Bob Vineyard followed by a  5 minute phone call to complete the application and she could relax knowing she had made the right decision.

How do you plan on finding the best Obamacare plan?