Dental Insurance Immediate Coverage

Dental insurance with no waiting period. Major and orthodontia services included.

Choose from 3 different dental insurance options. Annual maximum ranges from $1200 to $3000 (you pick).

spirit blue pngTriple Option plan includes 3 cleanings per year.

Affordable rates. Instant online quotes.

Add vision coverage for less than $10 per month for individual coverage.

Choose any dentist.

Dental implant coverage.

FREE prescription discount card.

No monthly billing or association fee.

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Free Dental Insurance

Free dental insurance. Got teeth? Need a dental plan? Take a test drive on us. Get free dental insurance for 30 days.   

Get cash to help pay for dental exams and treatment. No waiting period for most routine dental insurance services

  • ​Cash to pay for dental exams and treatmentassurant
  • You get $75 cash for routine exams every 6 months
  • Use any dentist (including your own) – No networks
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Intermediate Dental Insurance

  • ​Plan pays $100 for routine exams every 6 months
  • Pays up to $375 for fillings
  • Use any dentist (including your own) – No networks
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Dental Insurance Plus

  • Get cash to pay for dental exams and treatment
  • Plan pays you $100 per visit for preventive services
  • Pays up to $275 for anesthesia
  • You get up to $450 for crowns
  • Pays you up to $1000 for oral surgery
  • Use any dentist (including your own) – No networks
  • Click for Dental Insurance Plus brochure

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Free dental insurance for yourself, your children, your entire family.

Details on the Assurant dental coverage can be found to the far right in the Assurant Supplemental Coverage box.

Compare benefits. Review rates. Apply direct online for Assurant dental plans found in the Assurant Supplemental Coverage section.

You may also want to consider Accident coverage or Critical Illness insurance

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​Use the coverage for 30 days free. If you don’t like it, cancel. How easy is that?

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Dental Insurance Georgia

Dental insurance, affordable Georgia plans to fit every budget. No waiting period on many dental insurance plans. No restrictions on pre-existing conditions.

Georgia Insurance Shop has dental insurance plans from many leading carriers including BCBSGA, Cigna, Humana and more.

Most dental plans are not insurance. Understand the difference BEFORE you buy.Humana One

  • dental plans offer discounts, not insurance coverage
  • dental plans can only be used at a small number of dental practices
  • dental plans are cheap for a reason. You have NO coverage

Dental insurance will actually PAY for most procedures. Many dental insurance plans cover routine exams and cleanings at no charge to you. For basic and major dental work, your dental insurance plan will pay a portion of the bill and you will be responsible for the balance.

Some dental plans, such as those offered by Blue Cross (BCBSGA) only pay a flat amount leaving you to owe a bundle for your treatment.

If you want a Cigna dental insurance plan you must first buy their major medical insurance.

Other dental insurance plans, including the C550 from Humana, offer the following benefits and do not require you to purchase health insurance from them..

  • no waiting period
  • no deductibles
  • copay’s for most procedures
  • no annual or lifetime maximum cap on benefits

Dental discount plans are generally priced in the $6 – $11 monthly range. Dental insurance plans begin around $16 per month for single coverage and can range upwards of $40 or more. Dental insurance plans that deliver the most VALUE do not have to be expensive. Many, such as Humana C550 offer tremendous value.

Finding Affordable Dental Care in Georgia

Yes, you can find affordable dental care in Georgia. Bum tooth? Bleeding gums? You can get relief without shelling out a lot of dough.

You will find dental insurance, dental plans and dental clinics. These  may seem the same but they are not.

Dental insurance for individuals and families comes in three flavors.

Dental HMO’s offer the best overall value. There are no deductibles, most services are covered by an affordable copay, and there are no annual or lifetime caps on benefits. There are also no waiting periods for major services and 6 month check ups including cleaning and X-ray’s are usually $20.

On the other end of the spectrum are indemnity dental insurance plans. You are free to choose any dentist, including your own. Indemnity plans are a bit pricier but the freedom to use any dentist appeals to some people.

Dental PPO plans can deliver value as well but often place restrictions on major benefits. Under most plans, you will not be able to utilize major services until the plan has been in effect for a year.

Most dental PPO plans are not insurance, but offer discounts on most dental services when you use a dentist that is in network.

If you cannot afford dental insurance and dental care there are low cost dental clinics throughout Georgia. These clinics offer services on an ability to pay. Services are not free, but are discounted.

There are plenty of options for those looking for affordable dental care in Georgia.

Georgia Dental Insurance Plans

If you are looking for dental insurance in Georgia, it can all be very confusing.

Discount plan? PPO? DHMO? Indemnity? Private discount?

Let’s start with the basics.

Most of the plans offered on the internet are discount dental plans. These are not insurance, but more like joining a buyers club like Sam’s or Costco. As long as you use a dentist in the network, you get a discount.

Discount dental plans have no waiting periods, no deductibles, no annual or lifetime maximums. There is no coverage if you use a dentist that is not in the network.

PPO plans are real insurance and work like most health insurance plans. As long as you use a dentist in the network you have good coverage. Go out of network and you will either have no coverage or benefits that are significantly reduced.

Most PPO dental plans have deductibles, annual limits and waiting periods before you can take advantage of major benefits like root canals, crowns and endodontics.

DHMO dental insurance is relatively new and offers the best overall value. DHMO plans will have fewer participating dentists but the value in these plans is outstanding.

There are usually no deductibles, all benefits are covered by a copay or no charge. DHMO plans have no waiting periods or annual maximums.

Indemnity dental insurance plans have the most flexibility and usually the highest premium. With an indemnity plan you are free to use any dentist, including your own.

Most indemnity plans have waiting periods for major benefits but some do not. Indemnity dental insurance plans will have deductibles, coinsurance and annual maximums. Even still, there are benefits, especially if you want to stack them with other plans such as private discount plans.

Private discount plans are relatively new. Your dentist may explain that by joining his or her dental plan you will get discounts on routine and major services. The idea is, if you are willing to pay a fee of $50 – $80 per year you are more likely to schedule appointments for routine services as well as attend to needed dental work rather than postponing.

The discounts may be real or illusory. If you like your dentist and want to catch a break on their fee schedule, then joining their plan may be a good thing.

If you need  major work, stacking your private dentist plan with an indemnity dental insurance plan with no waiting periods can work to your advantage.

When shopping for dental insurance in Georgia, there are many things to consider.

Your Dental Dollars at Work

Ever wonder about how dental plans work? For some, they work too well.

Many may not know it, but Medicaid covers dental care. This taxpayer funded program for low income people has pretty good benefits . . . if you can find a dentist willing to accept the low reimbursement levels.

In Georgia the number that seems most accurate hovers around 4% of dentists are willing to treat Medicaid patients.

Apparently there are some dentists in New York who are more than happy to treat Medicaid patients.

Earlier this year, auditors from the state comptroller’s office noticed that a Brooklyn dentist, Dr. Alan Zukor, had billed Medicaid for giving several patients fillings for all 32 of their teeth on a single day.

When they looked a little closer, they noticed that in several of the cases, Dr. Zukor had also submitted a claim for pulling those same teeth — all of them — from the same patients. The records seemed to show a bizarre and painful waste of dental care.

The bizarre part I get. It is the painful portion I don’t.

“The human mouth typically holds 32 teeth,” Mr. DiNapoli said in a statement. “Billing Medicaid for filling and then pulling all 32 teeth from seven different patients within a few weeks should have raised a red flag.”

Red flag? Yes, you would think . . .

According to Mr. DiNapoli, in one instance, Dr. Zukor claimed he filled 30 teeth for one patient in two office visits. On a single day in January 2008, he claimed he filled 243 teeth for 18 patients; a month later, in February, he claimed he extracted 256 teeth from eight patients, or 32 teeth per patient.

Jewish people refer to this as Chutzpah.

I just call it incredibly stupid.

But apparently this is not the only N.Y. dentist who is creative in his Medicaid billing.

ALBANY, N.Y. Auditors say the state Medicaid program may have overpaid $2.9 million for services like teeth cleaning for toothless patients.

Do they floss too?

Auditors identified almost 22,000 questionable services for about 6,500 patients with dentures during the five-year period ending June 30, 2008. That included almost 1,500 dentists who billed Medicaid $863,000 for cleanings, fillings, extractions and X-rays for about 5,000 patients with full dentures.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

In case you are wondering, dental plans from Georgia Insurance Shop don’t work that way . . .

Meals Served with a Health Insurance Garnish

When I first read this, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Can it be true that the Golden Gate (as in San Francisco) Restaurant Association has actually filed a suit to STOP the city from requiring employers to provide health insurance?

Deputy City Attorney Vince Chhabria said he’ll file a response to the emergency request by March 27 and said the court could rule that same day.

“I think their motion is frivolous,” Chhabria said. “GGRA’s goal of taking away health care from tens of thousands of workers does not constitute an emergency that would require immediate Supreme Court attention.”

This begs the question, which is more important? Job’s or health insurance.

Of course Chhabria is clearly not a regular reader of InsureBlog or else he would know that lack of health insurance is not the same as lack of health care. Plenty of people obtain health care without the benefit of health insurance. [Read more…]

Dental Crisis

Georgia Insurance Shop is proud to offer a wide variety of dental plans for residents of Georgia. Almost 100 million Americans lack dental insurance according to CBS news.

Watch CBS Videos Online

If you are looking for dental coverage, we have found three very good options for Georgia residents. Two of the plans require participants to use network dentists while the third allows you to choose any dentist. With all dental plans you can review options, rate and apply online.

Toothplans is a gateway to 15 or more discount dental plans. There are no waiting periods, no deductibles and no annual caps. Participating dentists will discount the price of services on preventive and major work (including orthodontia).

Teethplan from CompBenefits is a DHMO (dental Health Maintenance Organization) that delivers outstanding value with insured benefits. There are no deductibles, annual caps or waiting periods.

Our newest addition allows you to CHOOSE ANY DENTIST. Like the other plans, there are no waiting periods for preventive or major care. Unlike other dental plans, you are not required to change dentists. You can continue using the same dentis you have for years and receive all the benefits of an insured dental plan.

Choose Any Dentist

What if you could keep your current dentist, but pay less with each visit? Most dental plans on the market require you to see THEIR dentist, but not PrimeStar. You can see you own dentist and pay less for routine visits, even major work such as crowns and root canals.

No need to have some stranger looking in your mouth.


Most plans will accept you for immediate benefits, but will make you wait 12 months before you can get a crown.

Not so with PrimeStar. Major services including crowns, bridges, oral surgery and dentures are covered following a $50 deductible.

You can also add vision benefits for a few dollars more.

Review, quote and apply online.