Georgia Health Insurance Assignment System

When COBRA expires what happens to your Georgia health insurance?


This post updated 11/17/2013 to reflect ACA – Obamacare changes.

As of 12/31/2013 the Georgia health insurance assignment system is going away. If you currently have health insurance through the GA assignment system that plan will be terminated on December 31, 2013.

Under ACA – Obamacare rules, you are now entitled to apply for health insurance without regard to any pre-existing conditions.


Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange

The Georgia health insurance exchange is run by the federal government. You may or may not qualify for a premium subsidy. What you need to know about the Georgia health insurance exchange;

  • Premium subsidies are only available to low income individuals
  • If you think you qualify for a subsidy, you must apply through
  • Most exchange plans are HMO policies with limited doctor and hospital networks
  • In many areas your only exchange options are Blue Cross and Ambetter
  • Expanded options are available OFF the exchange.


After COBRA – Options Off the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange

If you think you qualify for a premium subsidy, use the Kaiser health insurance exchange subsidy calculator to ESTIMATE your subsidy. Also review your OFF exchange options below the calculator.

If it appears you do not qualify for a subsidy, or the subsidy amount is not significant, you should consider buying Obamacare health insurance OFF the exchange.

If you currently have a family doctor, be aware that your doctor most likely will NOT be included in any Obamacare health insurance plans offered on the Georgia exchange.

Below are 4 carriers that offer coverage outside of the Georgia health insurance exchange. Feel free to check all four health insurance companies but we have found Humana to be extremely competitive in many areas. In some cases their plans are priced LESS than comparable plans found on the health insurance exchange.

For more information about NO HASSLE OFF exchange plans, follow this link to 2014 Obamacare health insurance plans.