New Resources for Georgia Health Insurance

We have updated two resource pages for those looking for information on health and dental insurance in Georgia.

Patient Charity has been a top ranked site for information on charitable programs for low income and uninsured in Georgia. For years it was a stand alone site but was incorporated into my primary site a few months ago. Since the first of the year we have added many more resources for the uninsured and uninsurable in Georgia.

We recently paired with COBRA Insurance to provide the number one resource for COBRA on the web. Their FAQ section has answers to more than 1800 COBRA related question and is indexed and fully searchable.  This inspired us to add our on FAQ section to Georgia Insurance Shop. (More on that later).

At Patient Charity you can find information on taxpayer funded government programs for the poor and uninsured including links to Georgia Peachcare for Kids.

Other points of interest on Patient Charity include:

Healthfinder, a site that points you to clinics that are either free or charge on a sliding scale.

Benefit Checkup where you can learn about government entitlement programs for the poor and aged.

Out of Pocket is one of our favorite sites to look up the cost of common medical procedures.

We just introduced a new Georgia Health Insurance Resource section with links and information specifically for Georgia residents. You can link to the GA DOI (Dept of Insurance) website and find answers to frequently asked questions as well as looking up information on licensed insurance agents. Is the person you are dealing with LICENSED to offer insurance in Georgia or are they just a shyster looking to peddle a sham product?

Many people have COBRA benefits that are expiring and their health prevents them from qualifying for major medical. In the Georgia Health Insurance Resource section you will find a link to the Georgia assignment application including details on plan options and rates. (More information is in our revised FAQ section).

Check out links to Atlanta Community Access Coalition, BRAVE Kids, Babies Can't Wait, Candlelighters Childrens Cancer Foundation, Georgia Cares, Parent to Parent and more.

We also have information on INSURED plans for those who cannot afford or qualify for traditional major medical insurance. Georgia Health Access is a  basic health insurance plan. No physical exam is required.

Pair Health Access with an Accident Insurance Plan for enhanced coverage such as well as dental and critical illness insurance.

We hope these additions and changes will prove beneficial to those looking for general information on health care as well those seeking quotes on affordable health insurance in Georgia.

Doctor Shortage

Want to see a Georgia doctor?

Take a number.

This is especially so if you are a new patient, do not have health insurance, have Medicare, Medicaid or PeachCare. So if we are having problems now, what happens when it is free?

Obama administration officials, alarmed at doctor shortages, are looking for ways to increase the number of physicians to meet the needs of an aging population and millions of uninsured people who would gain coverage under legislation championed by the president.

You can’t just push a button and “poof” you have new doctors. It takes years to “grow” a new crop of docs.

One proposal — to increase Medicare payments to general practitioners, at the expense of high-paid specialists — has touched off a lobbying fight.

This is called squeezing the balloon.

Cut reimbursement to one sector to cover the cost of services for another sector. It is also known as robbing Peter to pay Paul.

That has never worked. Why would Obama-man think it will work now? [Read more…]

PeachCare and Trauma Centers

Funding for Georgia health care is about to change. Money is tight. Every where. Especially at the state and federal level although you would not know Washington has gone beyond their last dime based on how they have spent money they don't have over the last 6 months or so.

But that is another story.

Let's talk about Georgia.

Even with Santa Claus handing out bags full of money from Washington via the Spendulus bill, Georgia is still coming up short on funding for PeachCare. And eventually even the idiots in Washington will realize they can't keep funding projects when they can't balance their checkbook. So Georgia is going to have to address funding for all programs, including entitlement's, on their own. [Read more…]


PeachCare is the Georgia version of SCHIP . . . the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan. PeachCare is funded through taxpayer dollars, with roughly a third coming from federal taxes.

In addition to medical care, the PeachCare plan cover’s dental benefits for qualified children up to age 18. In addition to funding issues, Peachare (and any other taxpayer funded health care plans) face major hurdles for accessability.

Many providers are refusing to service PeachCare/Medicaid patients due to the low reimbursement rates. In 1999 roughly 260 dentists accepted PeachCare/Medicaid as a form of payment. The state agreed to increase reimbursement rates which led to an increase to 1800 dental providers over the next few years.

That number is now down to less than 600 participating dental providers.

Every time a PeachCare/Medicaid patient is treated, the dental provider loses money unless they are running some kind of scam. Georgia is not the only state with disappearing providers. Here is a letter to the editor from a dentist in California. [Read more…]