Obamacare 2014 – What Happens Next?

Obamacare 2014 finally sputtered out of the gate and we are 13 days into a new way of doing things. What next? If you don’t like your new plan, can you change? Did you lose your doctor(s) in the transition? Is the obamacare 2014premium affordable but the deductible too high? Did the plan you get match what you thought you were buying? Do you feel like Private Benjamin (Goldie Hawn)? “I did join the army, but I joined a different army. I joined the one with the condo’s and private rooms”.

First the good news. For now at least, you are not “married” to your Obamacare 2014 plan. You can still make a change and live to see another day.


Can my Obamacare 2014 plan be returned for a different model?

In most cases yes. In some situations it takes 10 minutes. But if you bought on the exchange and you want a DIFFERENT subsidized plan the answer is, forget it. You may be able to exchange one subsidized plan for another but getting there won’t be easy or a lot of fun.

Moving from a subsidized plan to one OFF the exchange (no subsidy) should be simple. Moving from a non-exchange plan to another non-exchange plan can be accomplished in 10 minutes.


Why would I want to change my 2014 Obamacare plan?

Many reasons.

Maybe you just came out of the ether are realized the plan you bought has no copay’s and you have to fund the first $6000 or more before the plan pays. Or you bought a plan with an HMO network and there is only one hospital in the network. If you bought a Blue Cross plan (on or off the exchange) and thought “Everyone takes Blue Cross” you need to understand about 70% of the docs and many hospitals in the Blue HMO are not included in your plan.

We have several carriers and plans off the exchange that may be a better fit for you. One 2014 Obamacare plan that is only available outside the exchange limits your out of pocket expenses to $950 per year. If you are one that will be using their plan a lot you really should consider this one. We have several people that use over $1000 per month in prescription drugs and this plan is a perfect fit. After January they will never have to pay for another Rx or doctor visit.

What a country!

We will be glad to discuss options or you can go through the drive through and use our free and easy quote engine to shop and compare rates at ACA Health Insurance Georgia.


Did you lose your doctor(s)?

It happens. Many doctors are not participating in Obamacare 2014 and especially if you bought on the exchange. But there is a wide range of options outside the exchange and most of these plans (except Blue Cross) have most of the doctors and hospitals in Georgia. Even if you wander into a doctors office that is not in network you still have coverage for most non-emergency care situations.

If you did lose your doctor because you signed up for an HMO it is not too late to get back into a PPO. Shop and compare!


Can’t afford your high deductible?

High deductible plans are great as long as you are in good health. But if you normally use your plan a lot, with doctor bills, hospital stays and high prescription drug costs you may actually come out ahead with a lower deductible plan.

We have plans off the exchange with $0 deductibles, $950 and $1000 deductibles. It is so fast and easy to shop and compare plans and rates on ACA health insurance.


Did you get what you wanted and needed?

If your Obamacare 2014 plan isn’t a good fit exchange it now before it is too late. You only have a few weeks left to still get a 2014 Obamacare plan that works the way you need it to.

Dental Crisis

Georgia Insurance Shop is proud to offer a wide variety of dental plans for residents of Georgia. Almost 100 million Americans lack dental insurance according to CBS news.

Watch CBS Videos Online

If you are looking for dental coverage, we have found three very good options for Georgia residents. Two of the plans require participants to use network dentists while the third allows you to choose any dentist. With all dental plans you can review options, rate and apply online.

Toothplans is a gateway to 15 or more discount dental plans. There are no waiting periods, no deductibles and no annual caps. Participating dentists will discount the price of services on preventive and major work (including orthodontia).

Teethplan from CompBenefits is a DHMO (dental Health Maintenance Organization) that delivers outstanding value with insured benefits. There are no deductibles, annual caps or waiting periods.

Our newest addition allows you to CHOOSE ANY DENTIST. Like the other plans, there are no waiting periods for preventive or major care. Unlike other dental plans, you are not required to change dentists. You can continue using the same dentis you have for years and receive all the benefits of an insured dental plan.

Insurance Myths & Dragons

Most folks don’t know as much about health insurance as they think they do. It’s amazing how often I talk to people here in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia and hear comments such as these.

I don’t want an HMO plan because they are all bad.

Blue Cross is accepted by all the doctors so it must be the best.

I can’t afford a high deductible plan.

I need a plan with a copay so I can afford to go to the doctor.

I don’t need doctor coverage, just something in case I go to the hospital.

I need a plan with a copay so I can afford my medicine.

I don’t need drug coverage since I don’t take any medication. [Read more…]

How Do PPO's and HMO's Differ?

Most Georgia major medicalĀ  plans are PPO contracts, but there are a few HMO plans.

Group plans through an employer come in different flavors, including PPO, HMO and POS.

So what is the difference?

Each has advantages and disadvantages. One is not inherently bad while another is good.

Like everything else, it depends on what you need.

I have several clients in HMO plans who would never change, and likewise for PPO plans.

What is a Georgia Provider Network?

If you want to keep your costs down, use a par (participating) provider. In other words, stay in network.

This isn’t always easy.

Your doc may be in network but may refer you to another provider who is out of network. When that happens, you pay more.

Emergency situations, and having surgery, especially as an inpatient can drive up the cost of your out of pocket.

If you have questions about par providers, PARE claim’s adjudication, hidden providers and more, contact us.