Georgia’s Obamacare Obstructionists

Efforts in Congress and protests from 65% of the populace have so far failed to derail the massive law, but Georgia Obamacare obstructionists may succeed where others failed. Jay Bookman offers this insight in his left leaningobamacare obstructionists column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. One of the targets are the navigators and their lack of training.

Targeting Navigators

15 GOP members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, including U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia, intensified their obstructionist campaign. They sent threatening letters on committee letterhead to nonprofit recipients of navigator grants, demanding that they produce extensive information about their activities no later than Sept. 13.

Among other things, committee members demanded to be told:

— How many employees are being hired, what each employee will be paid, and a written description of what the duties of each will be.

— A written description of all training and education they receive.

— A written description of all “processes and procedures in place to monitor, review or otherwise supervise” employees.

— “All documentation and communications related to your Navigator grant” must be produced. That would include all letters and emails generated within the nonprofit, as well as communication between the nonprofit and any outside agency — state, federal, private, non-profit, etc.


Socialists like Bookman see this as an Obamacare obstructionist move while others see it as an attempt to protect the citizens of Georgia from the same kind of ineptness that led to crafting the law.

In some states a navigator receives only 3 days of training before they will be expected to understand and explain a 2300 page law that has already generated over 15,000 pages in additional rules and regulations. Navigators will be expected to also understand tax and income terminology so they can correctly enter your wage and income tax history into the database along with your filing status. The purpose of that phase is to calculate your MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) which will then determine the amount of any taxpayer funded subsidy to which you may be entitled.

Why is this a bad thing?

The part-timer’s that work for H & R Block receive months of training and most of the returns they prepare are simple two page returns.

The Obamacare financial colonoscopy form can be up to 26 pages and take an estimated 45 minutes to prepare.


Ralph Hudgeons, Obamacare Obstructionist

Even the L. A. Times weighs in on Georgia’s Obamacare obstructionists.

“Let me tell you what we’re doing,” bragged Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens to a crowd of fellow Republicans in August. “Everything in our power to be an obstructionist.”

One of their methods is to try to cripple the work of “navigator” organizations and volunteers that will begin this fall. These groups and people are expected to play a crucial role in guiding the uninsured, many of whom speak languages other than English, through the sometimes complex process of signing up for the health insurance that fits their income level and family needs. Their work is vital because unless tens of millions of heretofore uninsured are signed up, the logic of universal coverage — which means that the healthy subsidize the old and sick — will be severely compromised.

The majority of these navigators are local, civic-minded people, many of whom are health professionals, who know how transformative it will be to have a near-universal healthcare system for the episodically employed and uninsured people they come in contact with daily. Although subsidized with some federal funding, the navigators face obstacles similar to the ones that confronted the civil rights activists and voter registration volunteers of half a century ago.

LA Times

OK, that’s a bit of a stretch. Comparing navigators to civil rights organizers. Really?

I don’t recall any special training or federal funding requirement if you wanted to be a community organizer. Did these organizers collect personal financial data and explain your rights as outlined in a massive new law?

And I would be curious how many health professionals are willing to work for $10 an hour, knocking on doors in poor neighborhoods trying to drum up business for an entitlement program we can’t afford.

The Obamacare obstructionists who see this law as a massive train wreck that will lead to job layoff and reduced work hours are considered to be unsympathetic. The economic impact of Obamacare doesn’t stop with the labor force,  but you can expect significantly higher insurance premiums and most likely FEWER people covered by health insurance than before.

I fail to see how this will be better than the current system.