The Short Tour

If you want rates for health insurance in Georgia, dental insurance or Medicare supplemental insurance and quick, to the point advice, here is where you need to start. We are the leading resource for insurance information in Georgia, but some prefer the DIY (do it yourself) route and we want to make it easy on you.

Health Insurance Rates in Georgia

Compare plans from all the major health insurance companies, review and apply direct. We do represent all major health insurance companies in Georgia including Blue Cross of Georgia, Cigna, Humana One, Kaiser, Aetna, United Healthcare and more.

Quick Tips for Buying Health Insurance in Georgia

  • Higher deductibles = lower premium
  • Eliminating copay's = lower premium
  • Look for plans that cover prescription drugs (many do not)
  • High deductible HSA plans have less out of pocket than lower deductible copay plans
  • Tobacco usage will increase quoted rates by as much as 45%
  • Use of prescription drugs will increase quoted rates by as much as 150%
  • Allowing us to pre-screen your application will result in a more favorable offer

Dental Insurance Plans

  • Understand the difference in dental insurance and dental discount plans
  • Be aware of waiting periods on major work
  • Most (but not all) plans require you to use THEIR dentist
  • Most (but not all) plans have annual limits on benefits
  • The most expensive plans allow you to use any dentist

Medicare Supplement Insurance in Georgia

  • Plan F is the most popular Medigap plan in Georgia but is usually not the best value
  • Medicare Advantage plans have lower premiums but much higher out of pocket
  • Medigap plans are usually a better buy for most seniors on a fixed income
  • Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) are usually not a good buy for most seniors
  • All Medicare supplement plans pay the same, the only difference is the premium you pay
  • Heavily advertised Medigap plans are usually higher in premium