United HealthOne Wises Up

United HealthOne, AKA Golden Rule Insurance, screwed up. Almost 8 months later they are backpedaling. Waiting periods for new applicants will be shortened.

Every other carrier allows you to pick an effective date for new major medical insurance plans for any day of the month. A few make you pick either the 1st or the month or the 15th, but no one made you wait 30 days for your coverage to begin.

No one that is, except United HealthOne.

COBRA expiring in 3 days?

No problem, unless of course you wanted United HealthOne.

You either had to buy a short term policy for 30 days and deal with all the pitfalls of STM plans and then HOPE your health did not change during the waiting period, or you did what most of my clients did.

Pick a plan with a better health insurance company.

Now United HealthOne has decided to eliminate the 30 day waiting period . . . and replace it with a 15 day waiting period.

So what happens if your health changes in the interim?

Same thing that would occur if you applied for coverage under the old rules.

Say you apply for a plan today but coverage won't be effective until 15 (or 30) days in the future. While you are waiting for your plan to kick in, you are in an accident.

A serious accident.

With long term ill effects and requiring future medical treatment.

United HealthOne is not required to cover treatment incurred after the proposed effective date. Also, United HealthOne can change the terms of their offer including applying new waivers and raising your rates.

They can also withdraw their offer leaving you without any coverage.


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