Universal Health Care

It seems the folks in Vermont, home to Ben & Jerry's, decided to get a jump on Obamacare with their own universal health care program.

Last year, Vermont enacted a single-payer health plan to cover everyone in the state. One problem: The state did not fund it. That has led some in the state to look to legalizing assisted suicide as one means of making the plan easier to pay for

NRO, "Vermont pushes assisted suicide"

What a novel idea. 

If the government can't afford to pay for universal health care, they will pay for the final solution.

After all, what could be a cheaper “medical treatment” then providing drug overdoses to expensively sick patients? And think of the money to be saved if very ill patients die sooner rather than later. 

Wonder if the Obamacare folks have thought about this?

Let's hope not.