Wal-Mart's Lay Away Plan

Need a casket or urn? Check out Wal-Mart. Seriously.

Yahoo News fills in the details.

“Several online retailers offer this category on their sites,” spokesman Ravi Jariwala wrote in an e-mail. “We are simply conducting a limited beta test to understand customer response.”

But Obadiah said it is not simply a test. He said more than 200 Star Legacy products, including pet urns and memorial jewelry, and eventually about two dozen caskets, will be sold at walmart.com. The company also supplies similar types of products to online retailer Overstock.com and urns to CostCo’s Web site.


Have death rates slowed down? How does one become overstocked on caskets?

Part of the business model is to get people to plan ahead: Walmart.com is allowing people to pay for the caskets over a period of 12 months for no interest.

The move gives more power to consumers and helps them avoid high mark-ups on caskets, which can often be several hundred percent, said R. Brian Burkhardt, a funeral director who blogs as “Your Funeral Guy.”

What happens if the model I order is sold out or discontinued when I need it? Is this like restaurant menu’s? No substitutions allowed?

What will they think of next?

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