Washington Needs Your Medical Records

Washington wants your private medical history. Don't worry. It is for the good of the people. Your records will not be used against you. After all, this is Washington and everyone knows they can keep a secret.

The folks in DC want to save Medicare. This will be accomplished with major surgery. Your doctor will be paid less, but so what? He earns more than you and can afford to take a pay cut, right?

Some medical services may no longer be paid for by Medicare, but no big deal. You probably didn't really need that treatement and you have lived a long life already. Your time on this earth can't be that much longer.

Medicare cutsMedical Records No Longer Private

According to U S News the Obama administration will be requiring all doctors to submit your medical records to the government.

You don't have a problem with that do you?


HHS is making plans to get its hands on your health care records, one way or another, whether you want them to have it or not.

The department's first choice is to collect them directly. If they can't manage that, Plan B is to require the states to collect the data and take it from there. Plan C is to lean on health insurers, using a new regulatory scheme that would require private companies to crunch the data according to new federal mandates the ways the feds want it.

Does any of this bother you, or is it just me?

Been to the doctor lately? Things are different now.

This is Not Your Father's Doctor Visit . . .

A few weeks ago we were out of town and my wife became ill. I took her to a local doc in a box which was an experience in itself.

As first time visitors, she was required to complete a detailed medical history. About 10 minutes or so with a nurse, answering questions, then sign here.

No, you do not get a copy of this information. We are filing it electronically for your protection.

The entire visit took about an hour, most of that time was wait time even though we were the first ones in when the doors opened.

The entire bill for a routine exam and urinalysis was grossed up to $496. After network discounts it came to $248.

The break out was like this.

Gross charges $61 for professional visit, $40 for lab. Balance was for the medical history and establishing her account as a new patient.

Excuse me?

$395 for medical records that the patient doesn't even get to see but are transmitted to HHS.

At this rate I don't think Obamneycrap is going to save anyone any money.

How is this new government health care plan working for you?

Obamaneycare, a Giant Step Backwards

We were told that Obamacare was necessary because too many Americans were without health insurance—which is not the same thing as them being without medical care when it is needed. Rather than fix the stated problem, however, it has made things worse, even before it is fully implemented. According to some recent estimates more than 1 million Americans have lost their coverage in the period since Obamacare became law.

This is not progress.

No kidding.

Reminds me of the old saw. I am from the government and I am here to help you.

I don't think so . . .

If you think they will stop here you are wrong.

In addition to cutting Medicare benefits, they also think your Medigap coverage is too "rich" and want to cut those benefits as well.

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