Wedding Postponed for Health Insurance

The Washington Post reports a bride to be in North Carolina has postponed her wedding until she can obtain health insurance. According to the Post:

Rachelle Friedman was paralyzed from the chest down after one of her bridesmaids shoved her into a pool just a month before her June wedding to her college sweetheart.

Things can get rowdy sometimes and this is definitely tragic, but so is going without health insurance. As Marlin Perkins might say, "Just as a mother bear protects her cubs, protecting your finances from loss is accomplished with a health insurance policy".

They told ABC News that their combined income as a married couple would be too high to qualify for Medicaid payments. Friedman needs the state and federally funded health coverage to pay for her constant care and rehabilitation.

We don't know how old this woman is, nor anything about her finances before the accident. Nor do we know if her parents could have provided health insurance for her either separately, or as a dependent on their plan. This moment of revelry has changed her life, probably forever and now they are expecting the taxpayers to pay for her care.

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