When Medicare Falls Short

Georgia Medicare supplement plans are offered through a private insurance carriers. Medicare only pays 48% of medical claims, "gap" plans help pay for the 52% of medical care bills not covered by Medicare.

Congress created Medicare as a solution to help seniors pay for thei health care needs but it was never intended to pay for everything.  That's where Medicare supplement plans come in to play.

These Medigap plans consist of 11 modernized plans offered by a variety of insurance companies. Medicare supplement plans offset the gaps where Medicare approves a claim but does not cover the entire cost of your treatment.

It is important for you to keep in mind that a Georgia Medicare supplement plan is NOT the same as a  Medicare Advantage plan .

Medicare supplement plans are standardized by CMS (Center for Medicare Services) and offered by private insurance companies.

An Advantage plan is a private HMO or PPO insurance plan that is an alternative to supplements. Advantage plans often have a lower premium than Medigap plans but usually will only pay a portion of your medical bills. Advantage plans have copay's and coinsurance (much like original Medicare) that could result in out of pocket costs of $3,000 or more.

A good Medicare supplement plan, such as Medigap plan F, pays the balance of approved claims covered under Medicare Part A and B.

Medicare is never going to be enough coverage on its own. Unless you are extremely healthy or extremely wealthy, you cannot afford to go without a GA Medicare supplement plan. Gap plans pick up where Medicare leaves off, giving you the peace of mind and financial protection regardless of your medical or financial situation.

Georgia Medicare Plans can help you find an affordable Medicare supplement plan to fit your needs and budget.

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